Tuesday, January 31, 2012

He Walks! He Talks!

Hi folks!

John is actually doing very well. I went home Sunday afternoon, did laundry, picked up (2 weeks of) mail Monday & paid some bills, and came back Monday morning. DeWayne across the street is a treasure - he & his son went to Panera today and brought John's car home for us. It's been sitting there since he passed out at work and went to the hospital by ambulance. One less thing to worry about!

Today John took 2 walks outside the room in the hall, and stood up in the bathroom and did his own bath. He spent a good bit of the day up in the chair, and took some naps. All that's really left to do is switch him from IV amiodarone to pills - that's the drug that's keeping him out of ugly heart rhythms. And of course he needs to build up strength, after 2 1/2 weeks in bed. He looks great.

The docs haven't set an expected date to send him home yet, but I'm thinking he'll likely get out early next week. And we'll stay in town a few days after that. I have the hotel booked from next Monday to the Monday after that. And from Thursday to Monday I'll be staying with the friendly resident that's taking me in off the streets. The media folks are already moving into the hotel - mostly roadies at this point. The town is getting crazy. I had SO hoped to watch the game from a safe distance, but no such luck. But at least I'll have a roof over my head - that's more than most patient families will have.

So all in all, things couldn't be better.
Or: We're in pretty good shape for the shape we're in. :)

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