Sunday, June 12, 2011

Joan Wears Clothes (by John)

A quiet day for Joan today, and the update will be short, as compared to all the news yesterday.
Joan's collarbone is hurting much less, at least when she is able to leave it in the sling. She cannot use the sling at night in bed, so it hurts her some then, but that is what pain meds are for. The rest of her bruising is getting less and less colorful, and shrinking in size.
Joan also felt good enough today to put regular clothes for the first time since the accident, with the exception of going to see the doctor last Thursday.. Because of the bruising and swelling, she has been wearing loose clothes (like housecoats) around the house. But today, she got into a regular shirt and sweat pants.
That's about all to report tonight. Another report tomorrow.

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