Monday, February 6, 2012

I Finally Figure Out How to Get Around the System

Hi, Everybody!

I still can't access my contact list on the home computer, but finally figured out that I can cut-&-paste your addresses from replies in my Inbox - duh. You can all get updates from Indy now. There is no escaping the Hockman news.

John is much better. He got moved out of CCU and up to the stepdown unit on Friday evening. Yesterday he got up and walked a lap around the (large) unit, looking like he's been walking for years. He's off the IV meds, off oxygen most of the time, still on the monitor. Of course he's tired and out of condition, after being in bed for 3 weeks. Now we're down to getting his meds tweaked for him to go home on - keeping his clotting time, potassium, and magnesium where we want them without having to do IV stuff every day chasing them. How long that will take you never know, but I expect him to get out in a few days. We'll stay here in Indy for 3-4 days after they let him go. If he decides to get exciting again we'll be right here, and he'll have time to gain some strength before making the trip home.

And yes, we did see the Super Bowl. Like most folks here, we will be glad to see everything get back to normal - streets re-opened, traffic down, gas prices back down (they went up 40 cents a gallon for the weekend), and hotel rooms available for less than 6 months of mortgage payment. I can move back into the hotel at 3:00 this afternoon. I've had a great time staying with my friend and playing with her cats. And Indy is happy that the Giants won. Indy loves Eli because of his brother - I'm old enough to love both of them because of Archie. They're both such nice boys. And it was a good game!

I'll keep you all posted, now that I've figured out how to get around the system. :)

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