Sunday, February 19, 2012

John Becomes One Step Above an Innert Mass

John looked better today, and said (wrote a note to me - he can't talk while he's entubated) that he felt like he was getting better. They haven't gotten as much junk out of his lungs today; it seems that yesterday cleared most of it out. He was awake when I walked in the room, which he hasn't been all week, and was much perkier. He stayed awake all the time I was there, writing notes to me and holding hands. (I know - Mama told me we were too old to hold hands in public when I turned 25. I paid no attention. What can I say? I adore the man.) I put his glasses on him for the first time since last Sunday - thought it was time he had to really look at me - he didn't mind too much.
So now we're all waiting to see how he does. It's still a matter of beating a very severe case of pneumonia: getting & keeping his lungs clear, and building up enough strength to be able to breathe on his own, then get up and start moving. The PT people should see him again tomorrow. I'm feeling more hopeful tonight that he'll survive this. He still has a long road ahead, but he's determined to do it and is working hard. His greatest asset at this point is stubbornness. He has a aunt who says that he can become one step above an inert mass - that's just what he needs right now.
I'm trying to head off to bed early tonight. The fatigue of 5 weeks finally hit me today, and I kept falling asleep standing up in church. (Orthodox Christians always stand up in church.) And I'm feeling the fibro today. So my most immediate job is to take care of myself. Jethro doesn't need two sick humans to deal with, poor creature.
On reading back over this, it seems a bit scattered and disorganized - so am I at this point. So goodnight all - sleep well!

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