Saturday, February 25, 2012

John Goes to Boot Camp

Still all good news. At 4 pm today John left Goshen Hospital for RiverCrest in Mishawaka (on Jefferson near Byrkitt, for you locals). All he's left on is the ventilator - no IVs, no feeding tubes, no pic lines. He still has his chemo port for IV access and blood-drawing. And he still has the foley - I have no clue why and predict it will go away soon. He did fine on the trip and for the settling-in part of arrival. I wasn't able to go along with him - it would have pushed the puppy bladder to 14 hours, way beyond reasonable limits for his age. So I'll go see John tomorrow - it's an hour drive one way - and do some other errands on the way: Post Office, bank, and Best Buy to get him a Kindle of some kind to use for communication (before he's off the ventilator and can talk) and for internet access, and groceries on the way home. We'd love to get 2 iPads, but there's no way we can afford that. We would consider a pair of carrier pigeons if they weren't extinct.
They gave John a big send-off at Goshen; we promised to come back and visit when he's walking and talking. John's survival is the most excitement they've had up there since the decision came down to change the staff uniforms. It does wonders for unit morale when someone who was given no chance manages to survive anyway. They just didn't know John like we do - now they know him, too, and are very fond of him. 
He's at RiverCrest Hospital, 1625 East Jefferson Boulevard, Mishawaka, IN 46545. Main phone is 574-255-1400. Visiting hours are 8-8, and immediate family and clergy are welcome any time. Of course he can't talk on the phone yet, but he can read email and can text. And cards are very welcome!
I have no idea how long he will be there. Weaning someone off a ventilator has no set time; people are so different. We have one doctor saying it will never happen (Dr. Grinch, of course), and another saying John will be quick and easy to wean. I expect him to be nearer the second. We'll all find out together.
Thanks for keeping up with us - all your comments let us know that we're not doing this alone. Believe me, we will spread the word if we need anything. Right now, we need to know that the outside world is still out there, and that some of it loves us. Thank you all for that!

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