Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Burg Cavalry Arrives Just in Time

Hi, everybody!
Sorry about the news gap - there just hasn't been any news until today. John got his chest tubes out today, got up and walked in the hall 3 times, and will go home tomorrow if his chest X-ray is okay in the morning. His left pleural space seems nicely cleaned out; we hope this will put an end to the twice-weekly pleural effusions. We don't have word back on the biopsy yet. Results should come in some time this week, but may be as late as early next week. I'll pass it on as soon as we know something. When we find out what we're dealing with they will start chemo ASAP.
For those of you that have been worrying, I'm doing fine. I'm not staying at the hospital too much - for one thing, John won't take naps when I'm there. It seems he likes to talk to me. Who knew. ;) So I've been ducking in and out so he can get rested up a bit. I'm eating and sleeping and all that good stuff, and feeling fine. The Goshen Hospital food is very good, and they have a by-the-pound salad bar. Today they had cookies, jigsaw puzzles, and conversation in the lounge for families, so I met a few people and got some puzzle time in. And ate a sugar cookie straight from the oven.
Thanks so much for all your messages, calls, and cards. They help more than you can ever know.

And special thanks to Jim & Audora Burg, who came over today and mowed the lawn, trimmed some bushes, and rescued the flower beds from the weeds. (I can't mow for the rest of the summer because of the broken collarbone.) It took a lot of courage to face our yard. It was a mess. And gluten-free chocolate cake is wonderful; Andy is right. Thanks so much!
I'm off to bed, so to all a good night. Love you all!

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