Wednesday, July 20, 2011

John Will Finally Get Fixed

Good evening! I'm here at a more reasonable time today.
John was admitted to Goshen Hospital this morning with another pleural effusion, had a liter and a half drained from his left lung, and feels much better. He still has a good bit of left-over blood and clots from the biopsy, so on Friday he'll have surgery to get it all cleaned out. This should put a stop to this cycle of going into the hospital twice a week, which would be very good.
He will be taking a LOA from work, since he may have to take a few weeks off to recover from the surgery. If we pick up the extra cost during the LOA he will keep his insurance - a clear priority right now! The financial picture isn't so good. But none of us have had good financial news in ages, so we're used to that, right?
John will be in the hospital for about a week this time, so I'll call the vet in the morning and get Jethro boarded for that time. Then I won't have to worry about getting home before his bladder reaches it's puppy-limit, and he won't be depressed about why Daddy's not home. Being boarded is vacation time for him. (June, if you read this tonight, I'll be calling you in the morning!)
I'll keep you all posted. Have a good evening!

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