Wednesday, July 27, 2011

John Comes Home to His TV (and his wife)

John got home this evening and is looking forward to sleeping off his time in the hospital. He came home on oxygen, and the nice set-up man just left. He has an oxygen concentrator (which pulls oxygen out of the air instead of using a tank of liquid oxygen), and can fill 2 small tanks from that. Each will give him 2 hours worth of oxygen, so he can leave the house for 4 hours at a time. The oxygen should be a temporary thing. He's still holding over 15 pounds of water - as that comes off, we expect him to breathe much better. So he's on Lasix to get the water off.
Biopsy results should be in any day now; as soon as we have it chemo will start. In the meantime John's job is to get rested up. Jethro will stay at the vet until Friday, when we will begin the adventure of having a puppy and oxygen equipment in the same house. We have lots of extra tubing in case he decides to chew it. And there's always duct tape. He'll be so absorbed in Daddy that it may take him a while to notice anything else; John will have a lap full of 50 pounds of excited dog!
What John is most excited about is having our home satellite TV and his own bed. He's enjoying the first and is ready to try the second. So we're off to sleep. Have a good night, everybody!

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