Friday, June 10, 2011

Joan Replaces the Bra with the Sling (by John)

A quiet day for Joan today. As I suggested last night, we did not go to the nurse practitioner today. Joan was tired and sore after yesterday's trip to Mishawaka, and was not really up to going back.
The sling on her arm helps the collarbone quite a lot. Joan says that it makes it difficult to use her left arm much, but the break was doing that anyway.
Speaking of the break, I misinformed everyone in yesterday's Email. In talking to Joan I discovered that what really happened with the collarbone was that somewhere in the accident, her left shoulder was jammed against something hard enough to push the collarbone into itself, instantaneously creating a break, and then pushing the two halves of the bone into each other. The collarbone is best left alone at this point to heal, but it may eventually heal while being a 1/4" or so shorter than the right collarbone. This shouldn't lead to any real problems.
That's about it for tonight. Will talk to you again tomorrow. Thanks for all the cards, letters, prayers and thoughts.

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