Monday, June 20, 2011

I Am Declared Neurologically Normal

Good evening, all! This is Joan this time.
I'm doing much better. I saw the neurologist today and he pronounced me "neurologically normal." I think I should get a signed, notarized statement to that effect. I'm cleared to drive, do light housework, generally keep working up to my usual.
Being cleared to drive is very good, since John is providing the excitement this week. He's had an asthma flare-up going on since Friday night and got stubborn about going into the ER over the weekend. So he went to the doctor this morning, and by that time his lungs were so irritated and he was so tired that he had to be admitted to Memorial Hospital in South Bend. He's in on a 23-hour admission, so they expect to send him home tomorrow afternoon. He's spending the night on bi-pap, to let him and his lungs get some rest. (Bi-pap lets you begin a breath whenever you want, and adds pressure to the air you breathe in so you get more for less effort.) He drove to South Bend this morning, then to the hospital, since I wasn't cleared to drive. I got him into the ER and walked across the street for the neurology appointment, then was cleared to drive myself home tonight, where I arrived just in the nick of time in regard to the puppy's bladder capacity. This will be his first night here with one of us away for the night, so we'll hope Jethro sleeps (and lets me sleep).
I'll update all of you tomorrow on the latest John news. I hope to no longer provide such entertainment myself!
Take care, and sleep well,

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