Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Joan Doesn't Do Much of Anything (by John)

This was a quiet day for both Joan and me. Joan is learning that taking it easy, and taking pain meds more regularly, are some the keys to her recovery. I just needed a day to not do much, and when the weather is 95 degrees F, it's not hard to convince yourself to do stuff inside.

Tomorrow and Friday will be interesting days for Joan. She is seeing our family physician tomorrow, and on Friday we are both seeing our allergist/immunologist nurse practitioner for a routine follow-up. These will be Joan's first forays since the accident in getting dressed, and having to wear some kind of bra. The painful thing for her is that the bra strap will sit right over the hairline fracture on her left collarbone, so we will need to figure out a way to reduce the pressure in that area. We will try to keep these trips as short as possible, so as not to wear Joan out.

Other than that, not much news. Perhaps sometime soon we can go to every other day reports, but I will let you all know when this happens.

Thanks again for all the cards, thoughts, prayers and Emails.

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