Monday, June 6, 2011

Joan Gets a Social Life (by John)

Beloved of Christ,
A good day for Joan, with signs of improvement. Some friends of ours from Hobart, IN, Mitch and Diane Bright, came by this afternoon to visit. It was a great visit, and Joan did well with the time spent with someone other than me. Mitch also brought his young puppy Atticus with them. Atticus is a blond Labrador Retriever, and he and Jethro had a great time romping in the yard.
Joan's bruises are continuing to spread, and new ones are sprouting. The ones in her upper arms and chest are spreading, and new ones have appeared on her knees and legs. The main pain continues to be centered in the hairline fracture of her left clavicle, which makes it difficult to lift anything with her left hand. However, the petechial hemorrhaging around her eyes is rapidly going away.
One good thing that has come out of all this is that Joan has found a local charity to which to donate some of her knitting time and effort. Parkview Hospital gives knitted and crocheted afghans to their STICU patients, and Joan, when she is knitting better, is going to start donating afghans to them.
That's about it for tonight. Another update tomorrow.

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