Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The End of Teen Wolf

Hello out there!
John is feeling much better after his thoracentesis - they drained a liter and a half from his left lung, and as you can imagine, he's breathing much easier now. He had a CT scan of his chest today, may have an MRI tomorrow, and the fluid was sent off for loads of lab tests. So we're waiting on results now.
On the home front, I will look respectable in a couple of hours. I had to cancel a haircut appointment when I was in the hospital, and for the last 3 weeks couldn't face the thought of exposing my collar bone to the hair-wash basin. But I'm braving it tonight. I look like something that escaped from Teen Wolf. (No, there will be no photos.) The last remaining crisis is trying to get my little plants into the window boxes with one arm. I was going to try it today, but we've had strong storms most of the day. So I got a brief reprieve.
Thanks for all the messages, email, cards, and caring!

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