Friday, June 3, 2011

Joan Changes Colors (by John)

Beloved of Christ:
Tonight's update will be short, as will the next two nights. Tonight I was running the St. Mary's bulletin for Joan, and wound up wrestling with the copier. Finally got it to work right, but it took some time. The next two nights I will be working 12-Cl at Panera Bread, so the updates will be somewhat late as well.
Joan's first full day home was pretty good. We slept a little late, she took two naps (I took one), and she did some suggested cognitive therapy by working Sudoku puzzles. The therapists have told her to stop when she gets frustrated with any of the puzzles, but she did just fine. Also, while I was out picking up the dog from the kennel, she played several of her favorite games on the computer, and won all but one of the games first time through.
Joan's body is continuing to sprout new bruises, and the existing bruises are starting to expand over more of her front torso. She is showing the most wonderful colors in her bruises, everything from green to purple to red to blue, all the colors normally exhibited by bruises, but you don't normally get to see them on one person all at the same time!
And speaking of bruising, I was misinformed by the staff at Parkview about the bruising around her nose. This bruising was not due to a hit on the steering wheel; this is petechial hemorrhaging. Petechial hemorrhaging occurs around the eyes most routinely due to oxygen loss when the subject has a blocked airway. On TV shows, this kind of hemorrhaging around the eyes is a dead give-away to the ME that the victim was strangled. In people that are still alive, it's a sure sign of suffocation. We don't know how long she was suffocating before Kim got her head in the proper position, but I'm so glad that Kim came along.
Well, that's it for tonight. Thanks for all the Emails and prayers.

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