Thursday, June 2, 2011

Joan Sees Herself in the Mirror (by John)

Beloved of Christ:
Thanks be to God! Parkview released Joan this afternoon, and she is home. She is hurting some (especially her left collarbone), and is appalled by how many bruises she has (had not seen herself in a mirror before this afternoon), but overall is she doing well, and is just glad to be home. And so am I; it is good to have her home.
A few things I have learned today about the accident. First, I have seen the mini-van. I got to retrieve stuff from where it was towed. It is now obvious to me that the first report was right; Joan was hit by a northbound car. The impact point was on the left rear of the mini-van, between the gas cap and the tailgate. It was this force that spun her into the second car, and then into the roll.
Also, Joan's bleed in the right temporal/frontal lobes was a contra cous injury. She hit her head on the left side of the mini-van's front window, and the bounce of her brain in response to that impact caused a small amount of bleeding on the opposite side of the impact point.
Third, we found out from Kim (the EMS who got Joan breathing again, and saved her life) that she actually crawled in the passenger side of the mini-van (which was up in the air) to straighten Joan's airway. Kim came by for a visit today with Joan at Parkview during a time when I wasn't there. Kim told Joan that when she ran up to help, she saw Joan struggling to breathe, and that the windshield was not broken out enough (it's still not) for her to get to Joan that way. Instead, she went in through the passenger side of the car (about 2'-3' up in the air) to get Joan to breathe again. Thank you, Kim.
That's all for now. I will still send an update tomorrow on how Joan is doing at home. My thanks to all of you for your prayers and thoughts.

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