Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's John's Turn to Have a Calamity

Hey, everybody!
John is still in the hospital, and will be for a couple of days at least. It turns out that asthma wasn't the problem after all. His cardiologist looked him over, got a chest X-ray, and he has a large pleural effusion on the left side (lots of water in his left lung, in English). Tomorrow Dr. Du Pratt (interventional radiology, and very good - I got to know him when I had all those abdominal abcesses when I was septic) will insert a needle and drain the fluid off, which should make him feel much better. After the fluid is out of the way they'll get a CT and MRI to be sure nothing else is going on in there. The fluid will be sent off for tests as part of the process of figuring out why he has fluid there.
In the meantime, he's breathing comfortably on 2 L of oxygen, as long as he doesn't do too much. His main complaint is that he's bored. Dog and I are doing fine. I'll keep you folks posted.
Sleep well!

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