Thursday, June 23, 2011

John Makes Jethro Happy

John came home this afternoon. It's amazing how much good it does a person to get a liter and a half of water removed from one lung! He's feeling much better. The test results aren't all back yet - a machine at the South Bend Medical Foundation went down last night, and we're waiting on it's repair. John will be following up with 3 doctors over the next 3 weeks, and they will try to figure out what caused this, but some pleural effusions remain a mystery.
We have a very happy puppy. Jethro did well the first night John wasn't here, whimpered some at the beginning of the second night, and last night spent an hour with his head on John's side of the bed whimpering for his daddy, until I gave him a new chewbone to distract him. Now he's following John around and crawling up in his lap whenever possible. Sometimes Mom just doesn’t cut it!
We're off to bed; none of us has slept well this week. I'll pass the word along when we know if we know what caused this. The good thing is that it went away quietly!

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